What the Parole Board said

Here’s the Parole Board decision on Karel Sroubek or Jan Antolik. Extracts:

  • evident however on his own admissions to the Board at the hearing before us that he was at that time associating with criminal elements in the Czech Republic
  • has continued to do so is evident from his index offending which involved him being in contact with somebody that he had known in the Czech Republic (and we bear in mind that he left that country some 11 years ago now) who he says persuaded him to become involved in importing ecstasy through his importing business.
  • admits to having associated with members of the Hells Angels gang
  • his responses were self-exculpatory, evasive, long-winded and ultimately in our view in many respects manifestly untruthful

Basically he was a criminal in the Czech Republic, he carried on being a criminal here, working with his criminal mates back home. He is associated with the Hells Angels and is a liar.

The PM says she backs her Minister’s decision to grant him permanent residency in NZ. She also won’t say why but at best we can guess they believe his story that he would be at risk from police officers if sent back to the Czech Republic.

Considering the Parole Board has concluded he is a liar, have they considered that his entire story is a lie? That he left the Czech Republic to avoid prosecution there?

The Czech Republic is in the EU. It isn’t North Korea or Iran. It is a first world country. His story is self serving, and I bet you the Government has just accepted his word, rather than verified his claims.

The Minister should take note of the Parole Board’s conclusion that he is a liar and a risk to the public, and deport him once he is out of prison rather than grant his permament residency through special dispensation.


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