Garner on Lees-Galloway

Duncan Garner writes:

Hi Iain,

Bet this wasn’t how your Labour mates saw this weekend’s party conference playing out. 

Can’t imagine, Iain, you’ll be dragged up on the stage as ministerial eye-candy either. 

Standing ovation anyone? Iain Lees-Galloway for services to a foreign crook and an unsafer New Zealand.

Actually he might get a standing ovation for that.

Lesson # 1 avoid shafting the guys that help. They’ll only get you back later.

I actually thought throwing them under the bus was weak and bad form.

You are the boss, Iain, you are elected, you get the salary; and they can’t be blamed. It’s called accountability. You needed to ask more questions.

You know you’ve let yourself and your country down.

Iain, why did you even give this jailed drug-smuggler the valuable  prize of New Zealand residency? Just give us one reason.

He didn’t even ask for it. What’s next? A KiwiBuild home for him and maybe one for the Hell’s Angels, his associates.

Don’t give the Government ideas.

I just can’t believe you didn’t stamp his red card with the word “deport”. We’re teeming with recent arrivals and sure don’t need this guy. Even the Parole Board said no to him. I’m struggling to cite a worse decision on matters like this.

And where’s the chief coalition church mouse? Winston used to roar on this sort of issue, but not now.

Winston said he backs the decision!

Did you actually do anything to protect our country when it came to this man? 

Because this week I think you were found guilty yourself, sir. Guilty of incompetence. 

I’m struggling to see how you could have made this decision to allow this serial thug to live among us and incredulously, he must only keep his nose clean for five years. So in six years he’s free to go ape again? 

Come on, Iain, this shocker is now in its seventh day, deport him asap, give your job to someone who gives a toss and don’t bother with Cabinet on Monday. 

They are going to try and blame it on officials. But if they do, then what the officials said will have to come out under the OIA. And I doubt you will find the officials recommended giving him residency.

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