Lees-Galloway basically admits he was duped

Stuff reports:

Revelations that the minister gave weight to Sroubek’s claims that the Czech Republic would ‘kill him and make it look like an accident’ were troubling, Woodhouse said.

The Government giving credibility to that statement was ridiculous, he said.

The Czech Republic was a member of NATO and the European Union, and was considered an advanced economy with high living standards.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, when you are trying to prevent deportation. You claim your life is at risk, if sent home.

In some countries, this may possibly be true. In fact one can gain asylum if it is true.

But if a convicted criminal is claiming that their life is at risk if they are returned to a country which is a member of the OECD, EU and NATO, well it is almost certainly a lie.

A competent Minister would demand proof of this threat, rather than just take the word of the convicted criminal. He would ask officials to check out the veracity of the claims.

But Lees-Galloway did none of this. He got duped. He was sucker punched.

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