Another good Newsroom scoop

reports on Diane Maxwell who is the Retirement Commissioner:

The numbers tell their own story when it comes to staff turnover under Maxwell.

Figures provided to Parliament’s Commerce select committee by the commission show over half of the organisation’s staff left their roles in the 2017/18 financial year.

That isn’t even the highest mark reached during her tenure: that honour goes to the 2013/14 year, Maxwell’s first in the job when she led a restructuring, when nearly 90 percent of staff left through a combination of resignations and redundancies.

Across her five years in charge, there has been an average turnover rate of nearly 44 percent – far higher than the public sector average of 11 to 12 percent.

The average length of service at the commission has also dropped precipitously.

In the 2012/13 financial year, the year before Maxwell began as commissioner, staff had spent an average of just under three years at the commission – in 2017/18, that figure had dropped to a little over a year.

A 44% average turnover rate indicates a massive problem. You might accept that for one year, but that is an average over five years. If the average length of staff tenure is 12 months, it is obviously a horrible place to work.

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