NSW Labour leader goneburger

ABC journalist Ashleigh Raper has made the following statement:

In November 2016 I attended an official Christmas function at New South Wales Parliament House for state political reporters, politicians and their staff.

This is what happened on that night.

The party moved from Parliament House to Martin Place Bar after a number of hours.

Later in the evening, Luke Foley approached a group of people, including me, to say goodnight.

He stood next to me.

He put his hand through a gap in the back of my dress and inside my underpants.

He rested his hand on my buttocks.

I completely froze.

This was witnessed by Sean Nicholls, who was then the state political editor at the Sydney Morning Herald and is now an ABC journalist.

Mr Foley then left the bar.

Sean and I discussed what happened.

The next state election is on 23 March so just a few months away. Polling has shown it neck and neck. But I can’t imagine Foley can survive this so it will be interesting to see who becomes the new leader.

UPDATE: He has resigned. He claims the allegations are false and he is launching defamation proceedings. If they are false, why did he twice phone the journalist to apologise? Also the fact there was a witness suggests he will not follow through.

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