PC school cancels prize giving as unfair not everyone gets a prize

Silverdale Primary School newsletter:

There has been a lot of talk about the cancellation of the end of year prizegiving. Just to clarify some misconceptions about cancellation of the end of year prizegiving.
1. Sports teams will still be based on skill and a selection process.
2. There will still be placings at school events such as cross country, athletics, swimming, speech competitions. Some of these events have trophies and these will be handed out on the day or at the next assembly.
The end of year prizegiving was used to award children in each class:
– Most improved
– Commitment to Learning

– Classroom Citizen
– Excellence in Literacy and Mathematics
Out of a class of 20 to 30 children how does a teacher choose one child for each award?
Don’t we want all our children to improve, have commitment to learning, show citizenship and to have excellence in literacy and mathematics. By rewarding a few we find that it discourages the others

My God. They’re so wet it could be a monsoon.

Wait until they leave school and discover things such as you can apply for a job and not get it.

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