Mattis resigns

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump announced Thursday that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis would leave his position in February, marking the departure of an influential figure who has steered the Trump administration toward foreign policy continuity and restraint.

Trump has almost no-one left who will say what they actually think is best. He only wants people who will agree with him.

His resignation letter makes it clear he thinks Trump is ill suited as Commander in Chief. Specifically he cites:

  • The need for alliances such as NATO and Defeat-ISIS
  • The need to be unambiguous with countries such as Russia who want to shape the world on authoritarian values
  • The need to treat allies with respect
  • The need to be clear-eyed over malign actors and strategic competitors

This also comes at a time when documents have shown that Trump was actively trying to negotiate a Trump Tower deal in Moscow, while campaigning to be President. So his fondness for Russia may have nothing to do with blackmail or foreign policy – just simple business.

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