NZ First voters not happy

Stuff reported:

New Zealand will be voting for the controversial UN Migration Compact.
The Government sought legal advice before making the decision to become part of the first-ever UN global agreement on a common approach to international migration.
Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said the advice said the compact did not compromise sovereignty.

Neither did the TPP but that didn’t stop Winston railing against it in opposition.

The comments on the NZ First Facebook page are interesting. Here’s a few:

  • Go to hell NZ First. You’re never getting my vote again.
  • Change your name to New Zealand Second. 
  • Bullshit Winston. You turncoat!. That’s it for me. Never again NZ First & many will agree
  • Winston , no more of my vote !!
  • Bad call I been voting nzf since I was 18 and I don’t like this call.
  • I don’t like us signing this,,most likely I will not vote NZ First next election. That will be first time in 20+ years.
  • This is a MASSIVE BETRAYAL by Winston Peters. Make no mistake NZ First. There will be consequences!!! Every NZ First supporter I know is in shock and this is spreading amongst supporters like wild fire.
  • BS!!! You led everyone that voted for you up the garden path….Never again!
  • You are a complete joke! Many of us wish to take back our votes for New Zealand First. What a bunch of fools those who voted for you are. 

Definitely not happy campers.

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