Sadly not an April Fool’s joke

Only in the UN could this not be a joke.

Saudi Arabia on the Board for Gender Equality is like North Korea being on a board for disarmament.

Here’s some of the ways women have “equality” in Saudi Arabia:

  • Girls and women are forbidden from traveling, conducting official business, education, employment opening a bank account and undergoing certain medical procedures without permission from their male guardians
  • Women in public must cover all of their body except their hands and eyes
  • Women who socialise with men can be charged with adultery, fornication or prostitution
  • Women must enter and exit through special doors in banks, restaurants and other public places
  • A woman can only testify in a court of law if six men vouch for them
  • Children belong to the father not the mother
  • Daughters inherit one half that of sons
  • Victims of rape often charged with indecent behaviour

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