A good guy deep down

Stuff reports:

The text message high profile personality Richie Hardcore sent the Prime Minister concerning the case has been released.
The text, released to Stuff under the Official Information Act, confirms that Hardcore’s message was made in gratitude.
On October 30, after the decision to cancel Sroubek’s deportation was made public, Hardcore wrote: “Myself and my friends and the community wanted to pass on their respects and praise for the decision about Jan Antolik, Karoul Sroubek, he’s made a bunch of really bad choices but he’s a good guy deep down, so thank you to Ian and yourself for giving him another chance.”

Yeah a really good guy deep down. Heart of gold.

National Immigration spokesman Michael Woodhouse said the release raised “serious questions”.
 “Why was Sroubek’s main supporter texting her directly to pass on his ‘respect and praise’ over the decision to allow Sroubek to stay in New Zealand in spite of Sroubek’s criminal history and the fact he came here on a false passport?” Woodhouse said.
“Why was one of Sroubek’s fellow inmates – Alex Swney – texting and emailing the Prime Minister information on the case, which has only now been revealed in spite of months of questioning? And what was that information and what is her relationship with Mr Swney?”

This explains why ILG made the decision he did. Not that these messages influence him, but that some Labour politician live in a bubble world where giving residency to convicted drug dealers has all your friends praising you for being wise and compassionate.

Then they discover their friends are not that representative of New Zealand.

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