Government dumps Kiwibuild targets

One News reports:

Jacinda Ardern and Phil Twyford say that KiwiBuild is going through a “recalibration” and interim targets have been dropped.
The Prime Minister addressed media with the Housing Minister at a Labour retreat in Martinborough today, where MPs gathered to discuss the upcoming year.
When asked if the Government’s KiwiBuild targets were still tenable after the announcement that only 300 homes will be complete in the first year of the programme instead of the 1000 stated, Ms Ardern announced that all interim targets have now been dropped.
“Our 100,000 over 10 years hasn’t changed, our interim targets haven’t been a useful way to demonstrate our delivery programme that’s why the minister is looking at that again.

Wow they really think the public are stupid.

The policy is a disaster, but rather than dump the policy they’re dumping the targets!

Of course the public and media won’t buy it. We know what they were, and will still measure them against them.

Ardern seems to be saying their only target now is 100,000 in ten years and its unfair to count progress until the ten years is up. So she may want us to believe that they’ll do 300 houses a year for nine years and 97,000 in the final year!

Such a contrast for how the year is starting. National is announcing a bold new tax policy to prevent people being taxed for inflation, and Labour is dumping their Kiwibuild targets.

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