Dickens asks where is the PM?


So has anyone seen the Prime Minister lately? If anyone sees in the flesh, could you please contact authorities so we can return her to the people.
This is an observation that has been brewing for a while. In fact Chris Trotter, a lefty, first wrote about it in the middle of December.
But it wasn’t until today that I finally thought this is getting weird.
Every Tuesday since Helen Clark’s day the Prime Minister has done the rounds of media in the morning. On ZB that means 7.35am for 10 minutes and we have a quick recap of the issues of the week and where the government is at.
But we haven’t had one this year. Firstly she was on holiday for ages, which I didn’t resent because she does have a child under one who hasn’t seen a lot of her Mum. Then last week the PM was in Davos Switzerland but apparently was unable to use a phone.
The suspicion is rising that Jacinda Ardern likes to be a spokesperson for a government and a figurehead for the world but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of being a leader the job is a little difficult.

Well 18 months in and they’re built 33 houses out of the 100,000 they’ve promised over 120 months.

Chris Trotter last December noted the number of times that Jacinda Ardern seemed to be sidelined by her ministers seemingly making decisions without her knowing. Phil Twyford in particular seemed to change policies at a whim and when the Prime Minister was asked she seemed often unaware.
Looking back at the last three Prime Ministers we’ve had; Clark, Key and English, none would ever tolerate finding out about policy from the news media. And if they did butts would be kicked.

None of them would be finding out major policy changes via the media. Clark would kill you her death stare. Key would just get that frozen look in his eyes and you’d crap yourself and English would bollock you.

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