Hoping he finally goes straight

The Herald reports:

One of New Zealand’s most high-profile prisoners, who has been behind bars for four decades, will be released.
Arthur William Taylor was granted parole today after being denied 19 times prior. He was due to remain in prison until October 2022.
A Parole Board spokesperson told the Herald parole was granted for Taylor at a hearing this afternoon.
His release date will be next month, while a full written decision outlining the Parole Board’s reasons will be available within the next two weeks.

Taylor was serving 17 and a half years for charges of explosives, firearms, kidnapping and conspiracy to supply methamphetamine, among other crimes.
The 62-year-old has more than 150 convictions for offences including bank robbery, burglary, and drugs and has spent almost 40 years behind bars.
His first charge dates back to 1972 when he appeared in the Youth on a forgery charge.

Taylor is obviously a very smart man. As a bush lawyer he has won many cases in around the rights of prisoners etc. He could presumably get a job, when released, such as working for a law firm (not as a lawyer, but legal researcher etc).

I hope he puts his considerable intellect to worthwhile pursuits, and doesn’t end up back in prison.

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