The roast to beat all roasts

If you are a fan of mocking humour, then the roast of Chris Finlayson on the 5th of March should be an event not to be missed, especially for fans of politics or the law.

If you don’t know what a roast is, the dictionary definition is “to humorously criticize and make jokes about a famous person at a public event honouring that person, as a part of the event“.

The most vicious roasts you can see on Comedy Central. The one of Pamela Anderson is probably the most searing. William Shatner’s was also very good.

What should make this a great night is that Chris gets a right of reply. So the more Key, Brownlee and Willis mock Chris, the more cutting his response may be. And Chris can be very cutting.

I have the best job as MC. I get to mock all the speakers while introducing them! And I have plenty of material!

Should be a great fun night. I’m hugely looking forward to it.

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