Did Smollett make it up?

A few weeks ago there was a horrifying story about Jessie Smollett, who allegedly was the target of a racist and homophobic attack.

Now sadly there are racist and homophobic attacks in the US, and in New Zealand. There was one just this week in New Zealand.

But there was something about the Smollett allegations that didn’t ring true for me from the beginning. It was because they were too “perfect”.

Two guys recognise him, know he is gay, and just happen to have bleach on them and also happen to have a noose on them, to hang around his neck. And of course they are Trump supporters who say this is MAGA country.

Do people really walk around with bleach and a noose just in case they run into a black gay person?

This story on PJ Media details some of the many doubts. For example the area it happened in is a very liberal area. Someone quipped that half the locals are gay or black. Smollett has refused to release full phone record to back up his allegations and there is no video evidence of an attack and he was out of camera coverage for 60 seconds only.

It will be sad if the story is false, because it denigrates those who actually do get attacked for their race or sexuality.

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