Jacinda’s 8 problems

Audrey Young lists the eight problems or headache’s the PM faces this year. They are:

  1. Capital Gains Tax – will they really fight the next election on taxing everyone who dies with assets, everyone with a lifestyle block, and everyone who owns a small business?
  2. Kiwibuild – need more be said
  3. Fair Pay Agreements – the back to the 70s national awards that will allow 10% of workers to force an entire industry into a compulsory award.
  4. Mental Health Report – they have set such huge expectations for massive change, can they possibly match the expectations?
  5. Tomorrow’s Schools – will they try and grab power away from parents and place all schools under the direct control of Ministerial appointees instead of parents?
  6. Social welfare review – will their “kinder” policies do anything except lead to more people on welfare – it’s already started
  7. Prison reform – will they get the numbers for a catch and release justice system?
  8. Karel Sroubek – everytime some other family gets deported, the public get reminded of how the Minister intervened to let the gang associate drug dealer stay

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