Kiwibuild in Lower Hutt

A reader writes in:

On the HUD website it list one of the Kiwibuild sites as High Street, Lower Hutt with 20 apartments ‘under construction’. I thought your readers might appreciate this photo of that building which has no obvious work being undertaken and is an Earthquake prone building needing major strengthening before if can be fitted out.
The recent history of the building is rather potted. BNZ sold the building some time ago but occupied the Ground and First floors until 5 years ago. Since then it was largely empty, with short term leases. The Council bought the building with a view of refurbishing it and selling it to a commercial property operator, but instead sold at a large loss due to the high strengthening costs to the developer who has signed up for a Kiwibuild project.
If anyone believes this building will be completed by 30 June please let me know – I just happen to have a bridge for sale.

The photo is below.

I’m sure they will be ready to be lived in, in 145 days. Yeah, right.