The scandalous Wellington Town Hall blowout

In 2013 the voted to restore the Town Hall at a cost of $46 million. Even that amount was seen as very expensive when you consider Wellington has other musical venues such as the Michael Fowler Centre.

Then it became $60 million and in 2017 increased again to $90 million. And now in 2019 it is $112 million. What will it take to convince the lemming Crs to say no?

There are only 70,000 households in Wellington. $112 million is $1,600 per household. Imagine what you could do with that money.

But the $112 million is not the end of it. Stuff reports:

Councillors will face a vote next week on whether to approve $112.4m over four years for the project with costs expected to rise beyond this.
Elected members would be asked to approve a sizeable contingency fund, the exact size of which would remain undisclosed until “risks have materialised”.

If it has already double in cost, one can only imagine how much more this contingency is? The whole thing could end up costing $150 million which is $2,000 per household.

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