Me on the PM in AFP

was interviewed by Agence -Presse (AFP) on how the Prime Minister has handled the terrorism attack in Christchurch.

Their article is online here. Worth reading the whole thing but my quote is here:

“Empathy has always been one of her strengths and never has it shown more,” said David Farrar of the popular politically-focused Kiwiblog.

“The picture of her in Christchurch wearing a headscarf looking devastated is a powerful iconic image. think Ardern has been near perfect in her response to the tragedy.”

think some get blinded by their disagreements with the PM on other issues, to not see how well she has handled this.

Scarcely 18 months in office, Jacinda Ardern faces an -defining tragedy for her country — and is winning praise for meeting the moment with a deft mix of empathy and resolve.

That was sort of my quote also – the mixture of both empathy and resolve. She has shown that with the quick action on guns.

In due course will be opposing the as they try to impose an unfair Capital Gains Tax on New Zealand. But opposing them on some things, doesn’t mean opposing them on everything.

Likewise as the details of the gun law changes are known, may critique the details. But I’m glad for once the isn’t just setting up a working group and waiting 18 months. New Zealanders don’t want the status quo to continue when what happened in Christchurch happened under the status quo.

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