Sustainable NZ wants to always be in Government

Newshub reports:

Vernon Tava wants his new party to “always be in Government” regardless of who’s leading it.
Mr Tava, who’s previously challenged for the Green Party leadership and stood to be a candidate for National, is setting up a new vehicle for his political ambitions – the Sustainable NZ Party. …

“It’s an independent party – that’s the point and it has to be. It’s very important to me that that’s what it is. So really, the point is that people have a party they can vote for that can always be in Government.”

This is a key selling point for those who want better environmental outcomes. The Greens can only influence Government when there is a Labour-led Government.

The Sustainable NZ party is saying they want to be in Government regardless of whether it is National or Labour, so they can be delivering on their environmental priorities all of the time, not just some of the time.

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