Garner on Ardern


If ever Labour was going to scream transformational government then the one policy it had in the shop front window was the capital gains tax.
It was the panacea, the holy grail on the way to Jacinda’s socialist nirvana. 

So what happened?

And put to one side all this nonsense talk of Ardern being an international leader above all others, the latest being from Fortunemagazine. She’s not. Or it’s downright meaningless marketing. She’s best to ignore it. 
If you can’t put in place a policy so central to Labour’s economic plan, then why have this lot in power at all? What’s the point? Remember the slogan? It’s about fairness. It runs through everything they talk about. 

The point of being in power it seems, is simply to be in power.

All that political capital or credit after Christchurch and Ardern doesn’t spend a cent? Even John Key spent capital early on with his hike in GST. And he got away with it. 

And partial asset sales.

Ardern is a clear communicator and marketing expert. But listen closely, what is she saying? Nothing. She commentates the situation. We know that. We know what this scenario looks like and sounds like, but we want answers!
Here’s my summary so far:
KiwiBuild is kiwihoax. 
TPP is CPTPP. And yes, Labour marches against it but voted for it.
Child poverty is still child poverty. And more kids are in state care now than ever before. 
People living on the street are still living on the street. 
Carbon zero is lofty but carbon emissions are higher than ever. 
The economy is slowing.

Actual achievements by this Government have been close to zero.

So, big question? Did she fight for a capital gains tax? Did she put her best foot forward? Did she give examples of where it works? No. No. No. Does she believe in it? Who knows?
She no longer cares. Sure it’s the nature of MMP that you win some, you lose some, but this was not the one to lose. This goes to the very DNA of this Government.

What is surprising is she didn’t even attempt to fight for it.

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