Good sense from NZ First

Newshub reports:

Government partner New Zealand First is opposed to police letting young drivers get away, rather than chase them down.
More than 980 young drivers have been pursued in the last two years, documents released to RNZ show, with four of them killed.
Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft says he’ll be pushing police to adopt a 12-month trial where they don’t chase youth, who have a “propensity to take foolhardy, stupid risks”.

Not sure how Police can work out the age of the driver of a fleeing car.

But NZ First law and order spokesperson Darroch Ball says letting young drivers get away sets an irresponsible precedent.
“I think that it’s based on rhetoric, and what it will do is give young drivers who decide to flee a free licence,” he told Newshub.
Ball said, in the heat of the moment, there would often be no way to tell how old a driver is.
“Whose responsibility would it be if the young person was pursued and found to be a young driver, and someone was killed?”

I’m with NZ First on this one.

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