Looks like Bibi get’s a 5th term

The Guardian reports:

Benjamin Netanyahu was on track on Wednesday morning to become Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, despite his Likud party winning the same number of seats as his rivals.
With 97% of votes counted, both Likud and the Blue and White party, led by former army general Benny Gantz, had won 35 seats in the 120-seat parliament, the Knesset.
However, results showed Netanyahu would be in a much better position to form a majority governing coalition made up of nationalist, far-right and religious allies. Gantz had fewer potential factions to partner with.

The results at this stage are:

Right 65 seats

  • Likud (right) 35 seats
  • Shas (ultra-orthodox, right socially, left economically) 8 seats
  • United Torah Judaism (ultra-orthodox right) 8 seats
  • Yisrael Beiteinu (secular, right, Russian) 5 seats
  • United Right (religious Zionists) 5 seats
  • Kulanu (centre-right, economic issues) 4 seats

Left 55 seats

  • Blue and White (centrist, liberal) 35 seats
  • Hadash-Ta’al (communist) 6 seats
  • Labor (centre-left) 6 seats
  • Meretz (socialist left) 4 seats
  • Ra’am-Balad (Arabic) 4 seats

Imagine governing with six parties!

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