Meka says she never touched her

Newshub reports:

Embattled Labour MP Meka Whaitiri has opened up about being removed as a minister in a candid interview with Turanga FM. 
Whaitiri, MP for Ikaroa Rāwhiti, was removed as a minister by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in September over allegations of a physical incident with a staff member in her office. 
She denied the allegations at the time and reiterated her stance in an interview with Matai Rangi Smith, telling him: “From the time that the allegations were made, up until today, I’ve always refuted them.”

So she’s saying her brand new Press Secretary just made it up?

Whaitiri said: “There was no altercation, there was no assault. I did not touch my staff member – I growled her for not doing her job – but I didn’t touch her.”

If we are to believe Meka, then how did her press secretary’s arm get so bruised? If she implying her press secretary deliberately bruised her own arm, to get her Minister in trouble?

The bruising is what one calls evidence. The former Minister’s denial is well not evidence.

The Labour MP said she took her staff member outside to “show her the lost opportunity and to express to her as I did that this was her job ad I was disappointed”.
But she insisted she never raised her voice because she was in a public space

So is she saying she would have shouted at her if it was in private?

Whaitiri said there have been “mistruths” about the incident and she said the Prime Minister has been “an absolute supporter” of hers even since the accusations came to light.
The Prime Minister was joined by Whaitiri earlier this month in Hastings at the Waitapu Marae where Ardern said the former minister had been doing excellent work. 
“Meka is an incredibly strong advocate for this region,” Ardern said, not ruling out whether Whaitiri could become a minister again. 

Prisoners only get parole once they admit they actually did it. Surely the same concept should apply to sacked Ministers? If she continues to deny she did it, then how could the Prime Minister possibly reinstate her?

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