Trump saved by staff who refused to break the law

The reporting of the Mueller Report shows that Trump tried pretty damn hard to obstruct justice, but in the end what saved him is his staff and lawyers refused to break the law when he asked them to.

Some examples of his conduct which would probably get anyone else impeached (Trump benefits from low expectations) are:

  • Directing the Deputy NSA to send an e-mail falsely claiming Trump never instructed the NSA to have conversations with Russian officials
  • Demanding the Attorney-General unrecuse himself as he needs an Attorney-General who will protect him (as opposed to uphold the law)
  • Sacking Comey to try and stop the Russia investigation
  • Demanding the White House Counsel tell the Deputy AG to call for Mueller’s removal (the WHC refused)
  • Asking his former campaign manager to tell the AG to attack the Mueller investigation as unfair to Trump (Lewandowski refused)
  • Directed aides to not disclose e-mails about the 9 June meeting with the Russians (they obeyed the law and disclosed them)
  • Personally edited a press statement deleting the truth that the meeting was about info the Russians had on Clinton, not adoption
  • Demanding the WH Counsel deny that he had been asked to sack Mueller (The WH Counsel refused as it was untrue)

If Trump’s lawyers and staff were as stupid as Trump, and done what he demanded, then the case for obstruction of justice would have been made.

This article further details the multiple times his staff ignored Trump’s demands.

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