White supremacist attacks San Diego synagogue

A white supremacist called John Earnest has killed one and wounded three at the Congregation Chabad synagogue.

It sounds like those in attendance fought back to some degree, which prevented a higher death toll.

Earnest is a white supremacist. He claims in an open letter that he doesn’t “care about the debt-based currency that Jews like to pretend is money” and he would “die a thousand times over to prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for my race”. He goes on to blame Jews for everything from the news media, marxism, feminism, pornography, slavery, race mixing, the murder of Simon of Trent in 1475 and oh yeah the killing of Jesus.

I repeat some of his insanity here, so people can see how warped these white supremacists are. He sees anyone not white European as an “anti-human’. Also he explicitly cites the Christchurch terrorist so there is a real lesson here about how extremism encourages extremism.

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