Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 (spoilers)

A plot critical episode.


This episode did a lot to advance the plot, and give us a better idea of the final conflicts. There were many significant moments.

  • The dead get mourned with emotional farewells from Dany to Jorah, Sansa to Theon (nice moment gives him a Stark insgnia) and Arya to Beric (who once was on her kill list). Also Sam to Edd and Jon to Lyanna Mormont.
  • Dany legitimises Gendry and makes him Lord of Storms End. This increases the chances he ends up on the Iron Throne if everyone else is killed
  • Dany sees the love the Northern men have for Jon and is obviously starting to see him as a potential threat. She asks him to swear never to tell anyone else his true parentage. He says he will tell his sisters only.
  • Sansa tells The Hound she killed Bolton with his hounds. He is impressed.
  • Gendry tells Arya of his new status and tells Arya he loves her and wants to marry her. No surprise that life as a lord’s lady is not for her. It suggests no happy ending for her.
  • Jaime and Brienne get together with Jaime saying he has “never slept with a knight before”.
  • Arya and Sansa tell Jon they don;t trust Dany. Arya says the four of them are the last of the Starks. Jon says he isn’t a Stark. Arya says he is her brother. Jon tells Arya and Sansa what he is going to tell them they must swear never to tell. He then asks Bran to tell them.
  • Bronn turns up with a crossbow. Says Cersei offered him Riverrun to kill them. Tyrion offers him Highgarden. Unsure if he can deliver that, so Bronn may end up killing him.
  • Sansa tells Tyrion there is “someone better” than Dany. Tyrion tells Varys. Varys seems to back Jon which suggests Dany may find out and kill him for treason by burning him (as threatened)
  • Yay Gilly is pregnant. Hopefully that means Sam survives.
  • The Iron Fleet skewer Rhaegal and Dany is down to one dragon. Hugely significant as her dragon advantage vs Cersei is reduced. But possibly more significantly Jon no longer has a dragon and can’t stop her from using Drogon if she goes mad and starts flaming people. It really seems to be pointing towards her being killed as she is too power hungry.
  • Missandrei is captured and later killed by Cersei in front of Dany who will now attack without mercy
  • Jaime leaves Brienne to see Cersei
  • The parley fails

The 20 questions are updated below.

  1. Who sits on the Iron Throne at the end? Looking like Jon or Gendry
  2. Is Tyrion a third Targaryen? Or are Jaime and Cersei? Probably none of them as NK now defeated
  3. Who will kill Cersei? Tyrion or Jaime or Arya? Will her baby survive? Unknown – they are all going to be in the area.
  4. Who is Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised, and who will they have to kill to forge Lightbringer? Unknown and unclear how important prophecy is with NK dead
  5. What impact has Bran had on the past? Did he cause the Mad King to go mad? Did he create the Night King? Seems not
  6. What secrets lie in the crypts under Winterfell? Its a bad place to hide
  7. Who will win Cleganebowl? Unknown
  8. Who else will Arya kill? Will she complete her list? THE NIGHT KING! The reference to green eyes suggests Cersei.
  9. What does Varys do before he dies? Looking like he betrays Dany who will burn him.
  10. How does Melisandre die and what does she do before then? Helps saver the day and dies of old age
  11. What happens to Gendry? Lord of Storms End
  12. Jaime and Brienne? Got together finally
  13. Will we see Nymeria in action? Ghost? Ghost fights in the battle for WInterfall and stays north.
  14. Which dragons, if any, survive? One left at this stage. I suspect all will die as they are too powerful to survive.
  15. What happens to House Greyjoy? Theon rescued Yara and Euron is bedding Cersei. Theon died protecting Bran from the Night King.
  16. Does Sam survive? And to be a daddy
  17. Which cities fall before the Night King is defeated? Not many, unless he is somehow still alive.
  18. Does Bronn get his castle? Either Riverrun or HighGarden
  19. How does the Night King get killed? How is the undead dragon killed? Arya with her dagger
  20. Does Tyrion betray Dany? Looking more likely Varys does

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