Some court judgments leave you really sad. This one reads:

The complainant and two female friends who were drinking in a bar were approached by the applicant who introduced himself. He explained that he had just been released from prison after a five-year sentence for “bashing a nigger”. In context, this suggested that the applicant was associated with the Mongrel Mob and that the victim of his assault was associated with Black Power. There was initially some friendly interaction between the complainant and the applicant in the course of which they danced and kissed.

I really don’t understand how someone comes up to you in a bar and proudly boasts he has just got out of prison for “bashing a nigger” and this leads to you making out with him.

I’m in no way suggesting what later happened is her fault. It is not, as the court found. I’m just staggered that some people don’t recoil in disgust at someone who is proudly boasting they bashed a “nigger”.

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