National releases Government’s Budget two days before the Government

One News reports:

National claims it has leaked parts of the 2019 Budget, the highly secretive details of which were to be released this Thursday. 
Party leader Simon Bridges said the are set to put $1.3 billion into defence, an extra $139 million into forestry, $744 million for District Health Boards, $740 million for aid.
They have released 22 pages with details of many Budget portfolios. 
“It makes a mockery of the ’s inability to settle the teachers strike and refusal to fund more for dentistry,” Mr Bridges said. “There’s money for tanks but not for teachers, there’s money for trees but not for teeth.”

I can’t recall a leak of this magnitude before. This seems to be leaking a lot – the cannabis cabinet paper leaked also.

Minister Ardern denied there had been a leak to Party. 

What colour are the flowers in Jacinda’s world?

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