Rachel Stewart on the bile from the left


Here’s what scares me. Today, most of the bile is coming from the left. I repeat. The left. You know, the liberal, progressive left. Left. Read my lips. L.E.F.T. The people currently in Government. Not content to hold the levers of powers, they want to stamp out dissenting opinions from their own. And if that’s not true, then it’s exactly how it looks.
The people wanting to mess with our laws are the very people who regularly indulge in abuse and name-calling on social media platforms. Why? Because they disagree with someone. It is heinous, sobering, and scary to watch. …
The bigger issue is that we have a new left that likes to speak for the “oppressed” despite their obvious academic, privileged backgrounds. They also enjoy shrieking “bigot” at anyone who strays from the path of their righteousness manifesto. Debate is out. Vilification and public shaming are in. …
My fear, and why I’m scared, is that the left in power only despises certain hate speech. It depends for them on who’s delivering it. If it’s one of theirs calling people “scum” or “human stains” that’s all perfectly acceptable. They can’t see the hypocrisy. …
I am far from alone on this issue and, like a decent-sized chunk of New Zealanders, have spent my life leaning predominantly to the political left. We are scared. I advise the Government to think about their next move on the fundamentals of free speech very, very carefully.

A perfect summation of what is happening.

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