Kiwibuild to fall short by 90% in 1st term

Stuff reports:

KiwiBuild is scheduled to deliver just 1535 houses in Labour’s first term in Government, a fraction of the 16,000 originally promised.
Just 101 homes have been built so far, well below an original target of 1000 built in the first year of the program’s operation.
National’s Judith Collins extracted the figure from Housing Minister Phil Twyford during Question Time on Tuesday, asking how many homes were contracted to be built before the election next year – which will occur at some point prior to December 2020.
Twyford replied that 1535 were due to be completed by July 2020 and noted this was a reason the Government was “resetting” the policy.

Good questioning by Judith.

This just shows that you can’t trust anything in Labour’s manifesto. The Kiwibuild promise wasn’t a minor pledge. They had campaigned on it for three elections.

Most voters wouldn’t know 95% of Labour’s policies. But the one thing they would know is they promised to build 100,000 affordable home, as Labour repeated this time and time again for seven years.

Now falling short of such a specific target by say 5% or 10% is not the end of the world. But to spend seven years repeating 100,000 new homes and falling short by 90% is tantamount to fraud.

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