Tamihere’s port plan

His plan is here.

Separate the business operations from the land owned by the Auckland ratepayer

Sell the Ports operations through a Request for Proposal, and lease the current 77 hectares of prime land to the new port operators for 25 years. This will ensure a guaranteed financial return to Auckland and de-risk the Auckland ratepayer from the cost of relocating the port over time. At the end of the Ports lease, the land can be developed for public and other uses that make the best use of the prime waterfront real estate.

I like this idea. Free up the land for eventual public use, but remove the risk to ratepayers by selling the company.

The incoming Mayor to chair a Stakeholder Forum to agree on immediate solutions to chronic ports traffic congestion by encouraging trucks work off peak hours. If this forum cannot agree within 12 months, trucks will be congestion taxed out of the Central Business District between 9am-5pm

This part is nuts though. Trucks have to be able to get to the Port. A congestion charge for the CBD is a good idea, but on all vehicles, not just trucks.

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