The PGF has no success criteria

Stuff reports:

It is meant to create 10,000 jobs and unlock the potential of the New Zealand’s regions. But after allocating hundreds of millions of dollars, halfway through the electoral term, the Provincial Growth Fund has not yet determined the measure of success.

Actual jobs created appears to be around 100. They’re giving away three billions dollars of our money and there are no criteria for how they measure if such grants are successful.

So far, when the PGF is attempting to measure success, it goes to the groups that it has awarded millions of dollars to, and asks them to tell it how they are doing.   
“As part of contractual arrangements we have with every successful applicant, they’re being asked to provide us with data, on a regular basis, about the benefits that they have seen or are directly attributable to their projects,” Pigou said.
Asked if the recipients, as the recipients of taxpayer funds may have an interest in providing positive feedback, Pigou agreed.
“Yes. We are getting very positive feedback.”

It’s almost an obscene joke at our expense. The companies and organisations that get the handouts of taxpayer cash get to arbitrate if giving them the cash has been successful and provided benefits.

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