The rural betrayal

Stacey Kirk writes:

In reality, all National has to do is be constructive in every other way but promise to reduce the methane target, in order to command a near total monopoly of the rural vote. 
But while many farmers may think this is par for the course from Labour and the Greens, there’s little doubt rural New Zealand will feel deeply betrayed by NZ First. 
NZ First has styled itself the regions’ champion – indeed, it’s picked up a decent vote in the past from farmers, sometimes with the express purpose of teaching National a lesson. 
This one won’t be forgotten come election time though. 

Nope. NZ First are in real trouble.

Not only does the rural sector clearly view the methane target as a death knell for a good many farmers, but there will be a palpable feeling of personal insult felt by those who have actively been turning their pasture to native planting in a concerted effort to offset pretty much everything except biological methane. 
There’s scientifically little to be done about that particular brand of emission produced by livestock  that hasn’t already been achieved – other than to reduce the source. 

The only way to meet the target agreed by NZ First is to kill cows, and reduce the number of dairy cows in NZ. This will of course mean hundreds or thousands of farmers will go under.

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