Bolger speaks

NewstalkZB reports:

Jim Bolger is warning voters off making their vote based on personality.

The former Prime Minister said people shouldn’t be looking for the most exciting candidate as they cast their vote this week.

He told Rachel Smalley voters need to look at policies, and the big picture.

“Personality doesn’t feed your children or keep the rivers clean, personality doesn’t make the country safe, it requires sound leadership strong intellect and the right policies.”

Bolger believes urban politicians need to stop blaming farmers for all the world’s woes.

Hundreds of farmers gathered in Labour leader Jacinda Ardern’s home town of Morrinsville yesterday over the party’s proposed tax on water.

Many of the protesters claim urban politicians are out of touch with rural communities.

Bolger told Rachel Smalley he’s worried about the growing urban-rural divide.

“If we think the rivers are not clean enough, we blame the farmers, if the sky is not clean, blame the farmers, I mean I think we’ve got to have a much more mature approach.”

Labour’s water tax only targets rural and provincial NZ, and is a nasty peice of scapegoating.

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