A rogue Royal Commission?

Stuff reports:

A high-profile gang member has been stood down from his role within the Royal Commission of Inquiry into historic state abuse months after multiple allegations of domestic violence were raised. 
Harry Tam, a long-time member of the Mongrel Mob, was the facilitator of the inquiry’s Survivors Advisory Group, a position that gave him the authority to appoint gang-affiliated men and women to the group, and access survivors’ personal information. 

They appointed a gang member as the facilitator for the Survivors Advisory Group? What were they thinking.

She said when she met with commissioners in February she was under the impression the commissioners would choose the 20 advisors, not hand the responsibility over to the director of research and policy, Harry Tam. 
Tam subsequently appointed Rangi Wickliffe who was convicted in 2015 for falsely claiming he shot dead Douglas Witere in April 2014 in the hope he would receive $100,000 from the actual perpetrator, Troy McHugh, and former Papamoa community patrol volunteer, Gregory Molony, who in 2013 was convicted for impersonating a police officer while trying to find a female escort.

And so the gang member appointed fellow criminals as the advisors.

My God, what a mess.

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