Stewart is out

got eliminated on the 3rd ballot. The results were:

  1. Boris Johnson 143, 46%
  2. Jeremy Hunt 54, 17%
  3. Michael Gove 51, 16%
  4. Sajid Javid 38, 12%
  5. 27, 9%

The votes gained from the first round are:

  1. Boris Johnson +17
  2. Michael Gove +10
  3. Jeremy Hunt +8
  4. Sajid Javid +5
  5. Rory Stewart -10

Interesting that Stewart lost 10 votes. It seems Team Boris have been crafty and some of his supporters voted for Stewart in the 2nd ballot to eliminate Raab and then went back to Boris in ballot.

Likely Javid will be next to go, so the real contest seems to be between Hunt and Gove to make the membership vote vs Boris.

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