Twyford’s secret meeting

Newshub reports:

Housing Minister Phil Twyford is again under fire, only this time he has been accused of trying to hold secret political meetings with his former boss Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.
Twyford failed to disclose the meeting, but was outed by one of own colleagues – Environment Minister David Parker, who also attended the meeting with the former Labour leader.
Twyford met with Goff and Parker on March 2 this year, but he failed to disclose that in his public diary.

And denied any such meeting.

The Housing Minister was asked specifically to hand over any information about the meeting. But he refused the official request, saying, “The information requested does not exist or cannot be found.”
When asked why he refused to release information about that meeting, he told Newshub: “I’m not aware that my office did refuse to release information.”
It was Parker who let slip about the meeting, releasing the emails Twyford’s office refused to release. They show Twyford’s office requesting “a political meeting with no officials”.

So a meeting with no officials, and that he denied ever happened. Remember the most open and transparent Government ever claim!

The meeting was held to discuss Auckland’s urban rural boundary – it’s Government policy to remove the boundary to free up more land for housing.

Which is clearly about a portfolio matter.

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