Why did they not make the vaccine available to all Northland kids?

Stuff reports:

Questions have been raised over whether the Government knew meningitis vaccines were available for every Northland child, despite an apparent state rationing. 
A community outbreak of a rare strain of Meningitis (W) has been confirmed in seven cases in Northland in 2018, resulting in three deaths of children under 20.  …

The documents show Clark was informed of all possible options, but Director General of Health Dr Ashley Blomfield recommended the response that was adopted. 
But it did not include advice that an extra 30,000 doses were available from Pfizer, which together with Sanofi, could have covered every young person in Northland. 
Clark said he was first informed there may have been enough vaccines late last month, through a direct approach from Pfizer noting the company had offered 30,000 doses to Pharmac and the Ministry of Health on November 8 last year.

So basically the Government said we won’t vaccinate all children in Northland because there are not enough vaccines available. But the truth is there were, they were just too cheap to buy them.

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