Common sense from Judith

Stuff reports:

National MP Judith Collins has attacked suggestions of institutional racism at Oranga Tamariki, the Ministry for Children.
“It’s a real insult to the social workers who work so hard to try and keep children safe,” Collins said on the AM Show on Friday, when asked if there was institutional racism at the ministry.
“People have been abusing their children, hurting them, killing them in some cases, and the Family Court is involved in all these uplifts.
“It’s not like social workers are wandering around the corridors of maternity hospitals looking for children. A Family Court judge has gone through and said this child needs to be kept safe from this particular family,” she said.

“I actually think that it’s good to hear some people saying they want to take some responsibility. I’ll tell you what, just stop beating up kids, and you won’t need Oranga Tamariki.”

Good common sense.

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