I’d be okay for taxpayers to fund Robbo’s airfare

Stuff reports:

Self confessed “cricket tragic”, Sports Minister , always had a plan tucked away at the back of his mind for getting to the Cricket World Cup final if we made it.
The plan was put into operation with almost military precision almost before the last ball was balled in our semi final win against India.
Robertson said he had forewarned New Zealand cricket and others that if we made the final he would be making “every effort” to get to Lords.

Once he knew it was on, NZ Cricket sorted the ticket and the rest was down to Robertson – he bought and paid for his own air fares and organised to stay with friends.

I’d actually be okay for taxpayers to fund Grant to attend.

He is the New Minister for Sport and this is the Cricket World Cup. If a NZ team is playing in any major world cup final, I’m fine with the Sports Minister or even Prime Minister attending.

So laudable that Grant has paid for his own airfare, but I don’t think he should be criticised if he hadn’t.

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