Easy to spot the crazy one

The Herald reports:

A mother and father are battling in the Family Court over whether to get their child vaccinated. …

The father filed an application in January 2018 under the Care of Children Act 2004
with a two-page affidavit outlining his reasoning. That October, the mother filed a 33 page affidavit in response, along with 150 pages of evidence.

That’s the first sign. You respond to a two page affidavit with 183 pages! I can guarantee you it will be rambling. Longer is not better.

These included a letter from the girl’s GP, the results of genetic testing done by a naturopath

Sign 2 – a naturopath can’t do genetic testing.

and “information obtained from her own research on the internet”.

Sign 3!!

Given the Court had already ordered a report from a New Zealand expert, she declined the mother’s application to file additional evidence.

183 pages wasn’t enough!

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