The Wellington Party – vote for competence

Wellingtonians may want to check out the website of The Wellington Party, which will be contesting local and regional elections.

The tagline is “Vote for Competence” which is appealing. Policies and candidates to follow shortly I understand.

Certainly things have gone horribly wrong in Wellington in the last couple of years. It has gone from Absolutely Positively Wellington, to worse than stagnation.

Look at what has happened:

  1. The two Councils have destroyed the bus network, and can’t even work together to fix it
  2. The heart of Wellington, the Civic Square, has become a dead zone with the Library and Town Hall condemned and no viable plans to fix the Library. The Town Hall has been empty for six years as Council has dithered.
  3. The Film Museum appears to be dead as the Council fell out with Peter Jackson
  4. There is no real plan for either roads or public transport beyond a vague promise that in 10 to 20 years some stuff may happen
  5. The Shelly Bay development is frozen because the Council misapplied the law
  6. The Convention Centre looks to be a potential massive white elephant with the Council having lost its private sector partner

The status quo is failing horribly. Unless we want to accept a city with crap public transport, no investment in roads and failing major projects we need to vote for change.

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