Yeah such a great attitude

The Herald reports:

A 19-year-old Northland man who dragged a Dutch tourist from a campervan and beat him unconscious and attacked his American girlfriend has been given nine months’ home detention.

Home detention for bludgeoning someone to unconsciousness? Incredible. He’s lucky not to have killed him.

When the tourists did not comply Tierney dragged the 23-year-old male out of the van by his feet, got on top of him and punched him repeatedly until he was unconscious and then tried to choke him.
The 25-year-old female rushed to help her partner but also set upon and punched until her nose was broken.
Tierney ran off and the frightened couple took the chance to get in their van and drive off.
However, Tierney chased the fleeing couple.
It took them over one and a half hours before the couple finally reached safety after they arrived at Silverdale ambulance station.

So in an unprovoked attacked he knocked one person unconscious, tried to choke him, broke the nose of the woman and then chased them in a car for 90 minutes.

When spoken to by police Tierney admitted what happened and explained that he didn’t like foreigners and was drunk and bored.

His excuse is he was bored and doesn’t like foreigners. Doesn’t that make him a supremacist?

In a pre sentence report the probation officer said that Tierney had a great attitude and a good job.

Yeah such a great attitude.

And the charges laid were so light, they don’t even trigger the three strikes law in case he does this again when next bored.

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