A food n*** teacher

Stuff reports:

The caregiver said the teacher had a “real thing about food” and would frequently take “unhealthy” food, including biscuits, crackers and chips, out of children’s lunch boxes.
On one occasion, she said the teacher refused to heat up the rice a young boy had brought it in for lunch. She then took his biscuits off him, telling him “you can’t have this, it’s not good for your brain”. 

Wow a food n*** pretending to be a teacher. I hope she gets struck off.

The teacher said she removed children’s food because of research around childhood obesity rates. She said it had always been part of her career in childhood to help children make healthy choices. 

Stealing their food off them is not helping them make healthy choices.

The tribunal also heard evidence that the teacher denied children afternoon tea because they had not eaten their lunch. 
Denying afternoon tea to children who had not eaten lunch would mean they did not eat between 10am and 5pm, Rebecca Scott, a lawyer for the tribunal’s complaints assessment committee said. 

That’s criminal. Pre-schoolers are very active and need energy. They would be in total meltdown by 5 pm if they haven’t eaten for seven hours.

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