Corrections helping Tarrant spread his white supremacist hate

Newshub reports:

Corrections says a letter sent out of prison by the alleged Christchurch shooter should have been “withheld”.
On Tuesday a post appeared on /pol/, a 4chan thread infamous for graphic content and controversial comments, which read: “A couple of months ago I sent a letter to Brenton Tarrant and today I finally got a response.”
The user, who claims to live in Russia, posted a photo of an envelope with a stamp that says ‘ Prison’. The name Brenton Tarrant is written above the return address, which is that of the Paremoremo prison.

This is what happens when the ideology is all about prisoner’s rights. Oh, no, we can’t stop the accused terrorist from writing to his fanboys.

In the letter he writes of his fandom for the fascist Sir Oswald Mosley and tells the person how to find out more about his views. Incredible that Corrections let this occur. He even speaks of how there will be great conflict and bloodshed in Europe and how he hopes “our people” can survive.

Finally he urges his fanboy to “not forget your duty to your people”. My God that is pretty close to direct incitement and again the Government allowed him to write and send this letter.

And not just once. They approved at least five letters to go out. How could Corrections be so incompetent that all mail to and from him wasn’t being scrutinised by a very senior manager?

Again this is what happens when rights of prisoners are put ahead of rights of others, such as the community to be safe from him trying to radicalise others. It must be painful for the families of the victims to find out that he is still spreading his hate from prison.

Also worth remembering that the are campaigning for Tarrant to have the right to vote, even if convicted. Yep even killing 51 human beings isn’t enough for the Greens to say he shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

I think two things are needed:

  1. Someone at Corrections to be held responsible for what happened. This has made negative headlines around the world. This letter wasn’t even a marginal call. Someone should be losing their job over this.
  2. Change the law so that certain classes of prisoners don’t have automatic rights to receive and send mail. For them mail would be a privilege, not a right.

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