Impunity for state house drug dealers

Stuff reports:

A Christchurch man who believes a Housing New Zealand (HNZ) property nearby is a drug house is frustrated no agency will act.
The Northcote resident told Stuff columnist Mike Yardley he estimated about 20 to 25 drug deals were happening at the house every day, and one day he noted 39.
He had complained to police and HNZ for months – even recording vehicle details – but HNZ said it was a police matter to deal with suspected crime, and police cited lack of evidence and resources.
“For police to obtain a search warrant for any address we require evidence, rather than suspicion. To date we do not have sufficient evidence to say whether the address in question is a ‘drug house’,” Senior Sergeant Stephen McDaniel told Yardley.

Oh what bulldust. They could simply have a detective observe the house for a few hours, and if you see 20 people come and go from it, that would be enough evidence for a search warrant.

So the Police will do nothing, and the Government changed the rules so state house tenants no longer get evicted for drug dealing, so basically the neighbours are powerless.

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