Housing NZ and gangs

A reader writes in:

Should HNZ be harbouring social cancers in our communities, particularly when there are many people waiting for housing?  
This is a serious issue, and perhaps worthy of a KB post.  In the Hutt we have blighted areas in Stokes Valley and other parts of the city where gangs terrorise neighbourhoods and trade drugs.  They operate out of HNZ houses.  Apparently single mothers get the HNZ lease and then gang members move in.  It’s very hard to monitor and manage.
I have been following this for some time and each time there’s a shooting, stabbing etc involving gangs there’s always a HNZ house involved.
See this – clearly a HNZ block:
And this:
Now I see the same thing in Dunedin:
A Google search will show that this situation is widespread across NZ.
“A Porirua woman has made an emotional plea to Housing New Zealand to evict gang member tenants causing chaos in her community.  Sala Nimarota says Mongrel Mob members living in a home in her community are making it unsafe for the rest of the community”:

State houses are hugely subsidized by the taxpayer and are a form of targeted welfare. As with other forms of welfare, this should be part of a social contract such as looking for a job etc.

Extreme anti-social behaviour should see people lose their Housing NZ tenancies.

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