Labour rattled by Bridges

Audrey Young writes:

From Simon Bridges’ perspective, he has had a splendid week.
In the general debate on Wednesday, Bridges was mentioned no fewer than 12 times by Transport Minister Phil Twyford and four times each by the other Labour speakers, except for Greg O’Connor.
He may have missed the briefing note from the research unit but he didn’t mention Bridges at all and only once referred to the “Leader of the Opposition.”
Considering how relatively unpopular Bridges is as leader, Labour appears quite worried about him.
There is a reason for that.
Few thought an unpopular National leader would have impact on a first-term Government with a highly popular leader in Jacinda Ardern and – even if the shine came off Ardern – that Bridges would be capable of capitalising on it.
But Bridges is not only getting cut-through, he seems to have a tailwind.
He is picking issues that resonate, and by having concise messages that are reinforced by social media
, most of which are fair but some of which are not.
There was a particularly cruel but fair social media clip of Ardern’s somewhat waffly statements around Ihumātao.

Labour seem to be very worried at the moment.

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