So much for Massey’s claims to be about “safety”

Massey went out of its way to block Don Brash from speaking on campus with claims that allowing him to do so would make some staff or students feel unsafe (ie they don’t like what he says).

So surely Massey is ultra focused on safety for staff and students right?

Well Stuff reports:

A woman who says she was sexually assaulted by a university colleague has spent months trying to have her alleged attacker removed from her workplace.
Rape crisis services and student advocates are calling for to act after the woman, a graduate student at the university’s Palmerston North campus, was left bleeding and bruised following the alleged assault on March 10. …

Instead, five months later, the alleged perpetrator is still studying on campus and has been employed as a tutor working alongside young female students.

It sounds like they employed him as a tutor after being informed of the Police complaint of sexual assault.

On June 28, Marie laid an academic grievance complaint against the school’s head. She was referred to associate dean of research Professor Ian Fuller.
During a meeting with Fuller, Marie says he expressed sympathy but told her quitting her PhD might be the “best option”.

Surely that is not correct.

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